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Disclaimer: This Virtual Enterprise online store is for educational purposes only (2021-2022 – KOMMUNIKAE)
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About Us

Kommunikae was created with the sole purpose of helping businesses effectively communicate their products and services to their target audience. We specialize in helping new or pre-existing companies with formulating the perfect marketing strategies for their business while ensuring the stability of their brand's image. We create a hassle-free environment to relieve the stress and concerns you have regarding your business's growth and future. Whether it's maintaining an online presence or marketing improvements, Kommunikae has you covered. 

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Non-Packaged Items

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Businesses are given personalized and digitally provided layout apparel that meets their requirements/preferences. This can serve the purpose of standardized merch and more uses to generate funds and movement for your business. 

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Businesses are given the digital layout that fits their needs and preferences towards their target audience.

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Businesses are provided with personalized newsletters that help their subscribed customers stay up to date with relevant and valuable information.  This allows businesses to easily encourage any deals or promotions and drive traffic towards their website and any included products.

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This item includes a social media promotion of your business on all of Kommunikae's platforms. This includes Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. All of these promotions will have the option of more than one product or service. Additionally, it will serve over the period of an agreed partnership between your business and Kommunikae.

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What We Do

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The Kommunikae team works collaboratively with our clients to overlook the ins and outs of their specialized businesses. The goal is to determine the needs of the said business and create solutions to any outstanding issues.  The consultations are included in all of the purchases of our packages, more specifically the: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum packages.


In a Meeting

Marketing strategies are implemented that are suited towards our clients' businesses and their target markets. These strategies are set towards an agreed expectation between the Kommunikae team and its clients. Additionally, the necessary resources are provided by Kommunikae, and the results are effectively communicated with the business at hand. 


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The main focus in growing a customer base would be to create a core representation of our client's business. This process is done effectively by communicating to the public what it is you are trying to sell. This can be done in many ways, such as through advertisements and social media promotions. The goal is not how the method will be carried out, but more importantly, how it will be interpreted by the target market.


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After all the work is completed (not indefinitely, only when the partnership with the Kommunikae team is over) the client's business is entailed to an acceptable growth derived from the work concluded. With the extensive and detailed production, Kommunikae is committed to ensuring all cooperations needs are met. Additionally, all of the products created during the cooperation will remain under the business's ownership, which allows for their personalized usage that can uphold legal standards. 

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8000 NW 44th St,
Sunrise. FL 33351
United States

(954) - 638- 1647

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